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Thread: Returned to hunting and having fun

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    Returned to hunting and having fun

    I have recently worked through some of the what do I what do get, questions, having just recently returned to hunting. And so much is just about getting enough info and then making a choice. My recent favorite is a .223. It fits in to what I am after. Bigger than my .22 and smaller than my 30 06. Accurate, flat shooting and able to take a reasonable range of pills. I have settled on 223 Steyr, Pro Varmint SS, it is my walk about and although quite heavy, as someone who could lose 10 – 15 kg it a bit rich squabbling over a kg of gun. I plan to shoot 55gr to 69gr load. See what works with practice, practice and more of it.
    I purchased 55gr Winchester & Remington and buy a 100+at a time when they are on special (using the nett to find good prices) recently got Remington Core lock 55grn $24 per 20 rounds and 69gr seirra match king $30/20. Currently using a packet of Winchester 55. They work well. I happily use Remington Core lock in my 30 06.
    I went with the Nighteaterr 4-24 x 44 scope. Currently I think that it is good value. I am mostly using it doing Spotlighting. I tend to treat my equipment as working tools, not wanting to be too precious. It is handling the job, ok. If price was not an issue, the scope to get? 1/Meopta MeoPro 6-18x50, 2/ Leupold VX2 6-18x40 3/ Nikon Prostaff 5 4.5-18x40, 4/ Nighteater 4-24 x 44 scopes. But if price is the first…
    I am having a bit of fun, lately. The local dairy farmer is calving his herd which attracts the foxes in. With a large herd calving there is plenty of feed for them. I am able to ride my pushbike down his laneways with my 223 and Wolf-eyes spotlight. The foxes do not think a pushbike is any problem. So I scoot about on my pushbike with my 223 and Wolf-eyes spotlight. When eyes show up from the bikes light I swing the 223 across and take aim. The foxes are well fed and in very good condition.
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