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Thread: Buttolo Deer caller

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    Buttolo Deer caller

    Can anyone advise me on whether the Buttolo Roe caller is worth the money (around 25) and how effective it is for Muntjac?

    Or offer any other suggestions

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    I find it generally works pretty well if used sparingly and is a good way of getting a deer to stop in its tracks for a shot too..... Only thing to remember is which pocket it's in when you et down to crawl for a shot, the amount of times I've accidentally squeaked when doing that you'd think I'd learn!!
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    I know jumping up and down on mine hasn,t brought anything too me exept high blood pressure,oh and one fox maybe i,m doing it wrong ,funny that wife says the same thing,i have heard they are good on munties tho not that i will ever get near enough too one of the little blighters,

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    Never used on muntjac find mixed success on roe in the rut had about 5 in the last 3 years come running in to the call everyone came from behind. Had 1 fox

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hookie View Post
    Can anyone advise me on whether the Buttolo Roe caller is worth the money (around 25) and how effective it is for Muntjac?

    Or offer any other suggestions

    I went out with a chap on his ground last week, we bumped 3 fallow 5 mins in and then saw nothing for 2 hrs,
    Wind was wrong on the way back with a MJ Buck trotting off in the distance.
    I set the gun on the sticks and gave a few soft squeaks as he was out of sight, a few more and he came trotting back with his head bobbing looking for the squeak.

    A clear shot at 140 yards and over he went, my friend said " well I liked that"

    Fantastic reaction even with the wind on our backs.

    25.00 wont really make much difference over a life time, however you could well remember that special deer for a very long time...

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    Yes, it works on muntjac and on roe in the rut....but they have to be in the right mood.

    I've called muntjac in but also had them ignore it completely, and I'd be hard pushed to say why they reacted differently in each instance. Roe bucks (and does) will certainly come to them in the rut.

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    Called in many muntjacs with it haven't tried it on roe bucks yet

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    Used one in roe rut last year had 2 bucks commit Suicide came flat out at me, also had a few stop and look back fatal. Will be in my pocket in July

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    Never, ever worked on Muntjac for me.
    During the rut mid-July-mid-August effective at calling in Roe bucks approx 50% of the time.
    April-June effective on calling-in Roe buck very occasionally.
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    ive used it for roe munty and had fallow stick there heads out of deep cover for a look with good results .

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