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Thread: Trail cameras?

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    Trail cameras?

    Was wondering what the verdict on here is regarding trail cams and how much to spend? I'm guessing they perish and need replaced every so often anyway so am I better off with a 'cheap' 90 quid job or are the pricier ones worth the extra money? There seems to be a wide variety to chose from!

    brand recommendations are also welcome. Heard good things about the acorn ones and was also looking into the stealthcam models?


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    I bought three from Aldi
    one flooded inside a year and they replaced it in store no questions asked

    I have left them out for 6 months solid from October through the winter and retireved them
    so far I am very impressed

    not as much as I am with the big fecking sika they captured!

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    I've got a LTL Acorn and although the strap has perished, it's been outside for most of the time I've owned it (about 15 months) and still going strong. Must replace the card in it, now you remind me, it's been on spring timelapse for 2 weeks!

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    has anybody built one using a raspberry Pi ?

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    Cheers guys, thanks for the info! Out of interest, how long do you tend to keep them out at a time? I was thinking a week and then go have a look? Or do they really need to be out a good while?

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    depends of course on location and activity
    looking down well worn trails or fraying points.
    feeding points get lots of visitors.
    Best to check every 2 or 3 days if possible.
    otherwise its old news.
    but, if its a remote site you can leave it till you next visit.
    little acorn are good. you want 940nm invisible IR
    the on /off switch is a weak point... be gentle
    REMEMBER they must be well hidden or theyll get nicked
    You get what you pay for and there are a lot of Chinese copies but
    even the cheap ones work ok.
    The more expensive the greater the loss if they get stolen.Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by TA6319 View Post
    has anybody built one using a raspberry Pi ?
    NestBoxTech: Part 1: How to make your own Raspberry Pi Trail Camera 'PiTrailCam': Design Brief

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    First Trail camera i had was a Little acorn. Lasted 2 years and the picture quality was OK but not overly water tight. Next camera was a Spypoint IR 7. Great camera, good pics and good battery life.
    Bought a little acorn again and not impressed at all. Just got a Spy point Force -12 but not mounted yet . Just hoping its as good as the last Spypoint. Trail cameras tend to last about 2 years before they die.

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    Swann Outback: 70; Excellent video/photo quality; non-stealth; but faulty after two years, no response/compensation from the manufacturer when I returned both.
    SpyPoint BF-8 'stealth': 100; Disappointing night 'stealth' IR b&w quality, good day colour quality. One of the eight now faulty as it stopped recording sound.

    I complaint to the SpyPoint manufacturer and they explained that the 'stealth' IR cams are known to be inferior in B&W night footage compared to the 'visible' IR models. I gave them Links to the footage I took, the day/colour footage also showed lots of pixelation, and they replied that they found the quality as they would expect.
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    Thanks for the replies! Gives me something to look into. I'll probably try and get something more 'disposable' then.

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