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Thread: Recommendations for Starter .243

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    Recommendations for Starter .243

    Could anyone give me a few recommendations on a nice starter .243 that will be used mainly for Muntjac at the moment.

    i currently have my FAC in with Bedfordshire

    Ive been looking at the Remington 700.

    im wanting to try and keep costs down as I'm trying to acquire several calibres simultaneously.

    Any advice welcome including a moderator and a decent value for money scope?

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    Tikka T3.....
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    As Deerstalker .308 said, Tikka T3 is a good choice. Also check out the new Sauer 100, the Haenel Jaeger 10 and the CZ 557. All good rifles at a good price. To keep costs down on a scope, buy a good second hand fixed power schmidt and Bender, Zeiss, Swarovski etc. Top quality glass at a great price.

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    don't dismiss some of the BSA's that are about, I picked up a BSA CF2 Stutzen with a Zeiss 6 x 42 scope for 260.

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    Thanks for the replies. What sort of magnification scope would I be best with ?

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    I would go for a Tikka T3 with 6x42. Get both second hand and have money left over for ammo. Don't be in a rush to fill all your slots. Get used to one rifle and wait for bargains.

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    As above a 6x42 will deal with about 99% of your shooting needs.

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    any of the above and also 7x50 meopta very good glass and no messing around,also has a range scale ret,s/hand around 150 upwards,

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    CZ 550 great value. Properly built rifle.

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