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Thread: Quality rings for Anshutz 1417 1 inch

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    Quality rings for Anshutz 1417 1 inch

    As above, I am looking to mount a vortex diamondback 4-12 x40 AO scope ( 25mm) onto an Anshutz 1417 in 22LR. I was thinking of buying a set of Talley mounts but wondered if anyone had a set of high quality mounts that would be suitable.

    Please PM me if you have something suitable for sale, preferably in medium height.

    many thanks.

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    have a look at BKL mounts,there is a very interesting video by gunnvidder on you tube about them

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    i have a brand new set of bsa scopemaster pro 1 inch 9,3 to 13mm dovetail never been on anything still in pkt,with screws and key,,,medium,,,two piece double screw product no- 606,,,,,ten quid and they are yours,
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    I have a set of theses on my 1417 ==, lovely mounts and highly recommended, mine have a 42mm obj lense with ao and still plenty of scope clearance

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    Got some Talley rings that screw to the action coming now.

    Many thanks.

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