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    Heard the Cuckoo this evening near Burley in the New Forest.

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    The Cuckoo comes in April,
    He sings his song in May,
    He whistles a tune at the end of June,
    And then he flies away!................

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    We have moved to the Spalding area so don't know if we will hear any this year, regular feature in the Highlands for us. Having said that I was convinced I heard one the other day when we were sitting in the garden, I had not been drinking, honest

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    Heard the first one last Sunday morning morning when out on the Munties all ways makes be smile.

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    Last weekend in essex as well

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    My son who is an ecologist surveying ground in Glenfinnan by Loch Shiel sent me a tex on Thursday evening to say he had just heard his first cuckoo. I usually hear my first cuckoo here in Aberdeenshire come the beginning of May. However, given the weather in Aberdeen this morning with sleet and hail I rather gather it may be a little later.

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    Heard my first one on Tuesday 19th, saw my first Swallow on the 10th

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    Heard my first cuckoo this year yesterday and watched him/her today through the bino's


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    Quote Originally Posted by NewForester View Post
    Heard the Cuckoo this evening near Burley in the New Forest.
    That was probably my cousin singing when she was leaving the queens head !!!

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    Believe it or not shortly after reading this thread this morning I decided to go and clean my truck. I had just started when a Cuckoo piped up in a large poplar tree across the road. It then flew straight over our home and into the open farmland behind the house.

    Great to hear them, havnt seen any Swallows yet though.
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