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Thread: Vets and insurers

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    Vets and insurers

    I no vets have come under some scrutiny on here before ragarding cost and some practices etc.
    But the last two weeks has left me bemused.

    Took one of my teckels to the vets for her annual booster. I had a concern regarding one of her back teeth. The vet confirmed it needed to come out. No worrires so I booked her in for the following week. Got a top price of 290 this was to include everything. I decedided against bloods being taken and upon the vets advice said it was really needed. This took it down to 230. I've never claimed on the insurance before so I thought I would to see how they react. So I then realised only three months before I had my other teckel castrated at a cost of 160 I questioned why a single tooth is more exspensive to be removed than having a castration carried out. Didn't get much of a answer. So dropped the dog off collect after the op and handed the bill. Bill was 290 I informed them that we decided upon the bloods not being taken and the vet said that this wasnt really needed in which this was documented and forwarded to yourselves. They said we never received it and because you never said on the morning we presumed you was having bloods taken. I wasn't happy at the smiling receptionist. So I handed them the claim form. This took five days for them to complete. They then said you never informed us prior to the op being carried out that you were claiming on your insurance in which I replied I did and what does it matter. No reply.
    So took my dog back just to see how her gum was settling and thought I'd get some frontline. 28 deerer for a pack of six compared to the Internet. I asked them can they price match and informed no. All my teckels are insuranced on level gold. Agria informed us that 67 will be credited to us back. When it should of been around 150. They told us that they don't pay out for blood tests taken. By this time my blood was boiling. Rung the vets back up and informed them of my previous conversation regarding bloods and what has happened with the insurance which I would of thought a vet would of known. So we demanded a refund of the bloods on principle not money values to which after I said I'll come down and sort it face to face was told not to bother as it will be done. I was grateful for that, bemused and glad it was over.

    We have now decided it roughly costs us around 120 a month on everything for my three teckels to open an isa-account and stop the insurance.
    Vets are amazing at what they do around care and treatment but I do question other areas.

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    your not on your own weeman it is a area that effects many of us on here ,I use the supermarket type vet now ,easypet care no appointment open 7 days very transparent and nice staff .
    it can be expensive having dogs and the more you have the more it costs we've 5 at the last count but I worm the dogs myself and don't do boosters after the initial jabs are done ....
    PS my wife insures her two dogs we've never claimed yet

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    I don't begrudge paying as I'd move heaven and earth for my dogs as all would. Just some areas frustrate me.

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    The level of costs has (IMO) risen considerably over the last ten years almost paralleling the rise in insurance for pets. The insurance (for pets) industry fell apart about 2 years ago but there has not been a equivalent reduction in fees to reflect the loss of insurers due to high claim figures.
    I took my dog for castration and had to muzzle him, hold him down and administer the vets injection whilst the dog was in the car since the small young girl looked about to collapse when faced with a rather concerned mastiff, great dane cross. 2 of us then had to carry the dog into the surgery and I had to return as he awoke so he could be 'managed' safely. Still cost >200. They do a superb job for conerned dog owners but not quite at James Herriot prices, even allowing for inflation.

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    The vet practice we use at work charge half the hourly rate when working on our cattle, compared to what they charge dog / cat / budgie owners.

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    Paying a typical insurance premium into an account of your own is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. If you don't need to draw on that account, you've won. If you have an unfortunate event, you've lost. I'm surprised Agria are not covering bloods - I'd query it (checking your policy first).

    Re the difference for a castrate and a tooth - the tooth can take a lot longer to remove and most practices charge lower rates for neuters as they are a competitive area.

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    Pay a fortune for my dog insurance 63 per month but it is one of the very few true life cover policies. I needed a claim a few years ago for one of my other dogs which became terminally ill. Insurance ended up paying 800-1200 per month over 7 months. Paid vet direct no questions asked. Then paid out cost of dog when she died as she was under 9 years old.

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    The entire Insurance industry needs an enema

    The Vet Insurance industry is in an area where the level of common sense and compassion has gone out the window in a lot of cases

    Not only has it become an income stream for the practising vets, and that in no way is a criticism. An opportunity is an opportunity.
    Where it boils my blood is when an owner and vet put an animal through frankly unrealistic operations in order to "prolong its life" that little bit more.

    I have seen rescue lurchers have hip and knew operations that ran into 5-6k of fees. It died within 18 months and it wasn't any more mobile or arguably pain free.

    Now no owner without insurance and with a brain would plough that much into a dog knowing what the recover is like.
    the only reason it gets done is because the insurance will cough up an awful lot of it.
    It also gives vets the opportunity to do increasingly complex operations when 20 years ago no-one would have even considered it...owner or vet

    Cancer treatments, Bone marrow transplants, huge reconstructions following RTA's...really?
    Now all that makes sense if the dog, horse, hamster has some huge value other than emotional.
    But I wouldn't wish chemo on anyone least of all a dog.

    Now that has become the norm the balance of power lies with the insurer and vet in terms of pricing
    60 a month to insure a dog is not uncommon.
    mention "working" and the cover quickly shrinks

    IMO too many pets now are kept alive when the humane thing is often to put them down rather than

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    Insurance = legalized extortion

    Bar stewards quick enough to take your money different story handing it out


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    Insurance companies are there to make money. Full stop. Whether it's pet insurance, car, house, life or whatever. They make up the rules and if your claim is just a teensy bit out of those rules, then you are knackered. All insurance companies have been toughening up recently as well, due to all the flooding claims eating away at their profits, bless them!

    The best thing to do is to put any money you would use to buy insurance into an account and leave it there until you would make a "claim". Of course there's only two problems there. You need insurance by law for cars and you might take a hit if you haven't saved enough when the "claim" becomes necessary. So it is a gamble.

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