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Thread: Tikka T3 Varmint .308 20inch Successful Game Loads?

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    Tikka T3 Varmint .308 20inch Successful Game Loads?

    Anyone able to advise on a suggested starting point for working up loads for a T3 Varmint in .308 with a 20 inch barrel?

    It's a fairly common rifle, so rather than plough through the tables I wonder if the experts here have some real world loads that group nicely with expanders? Range will be mainly 100m with a max of 200m (maybe 300m at the range).

    I'm also undergoing a massive simplification regime, so if I can have one std load that works on paper and on Bambi, that'd be great. Simplicity seems to imply a 150/155gr head...


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    Have been doing a bit of reading on this myself so will follow the thread with interest.
    The impression I get is that people prefer a heavier bullet. 165/180. 155 is great in mine in targets though.

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    44 to 46g of N140 is commonly very successful with a 150g bullet. The nosler BT is often accurate if a little messy at times on deer

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    With the 155 Matchking I found 43.5g N140 was excellent (better than I can shoot anyway)

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    One often mentioned on the net was 168 a-max with up to 44 n140 or varget etc. A good friend of mine uses it for long range goats in Mallorca and swears by it. The 168 is a bit tougher than the 155.

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    Is that the 7768 you are talking about?

    I quite fancied trying that.

    Product - Sierra Bullets - The Bulletsmiths

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    150s spitzer upto 44 of n140,and match kings 155s,

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    Don't Sierra say not to use Match Kings for game?

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    yes I agree, have used the 155's on paper and they were excellent.

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