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Thread: Note to self - remember to put a round up the spout

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    Note to self - remember to put a round up the spout

    Walking quietly down the side of the wood. Spy I white spot. It barks. Drop to the ground. Spot moves. It's the big buck - no going back - no shot. He bounds and the stops. Clear shot. Cross hair behind shoulder and ... Click. Look on dogs face says it all!

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    Not as bad as forgetting to take one out.

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    the one i do is forget too stop the deer, then curse myself as it walks away,

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    Failing safe is never the problem. It is doing it the other way leaves me spitless.


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    did that on a second deer once
    first one went down, reloaded,

    using a borrowed Mauser 66 that requires a much longer throw to pick up the second shot than I had given it!

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    Eight point Sika stag click it sounds a lot louder than when the gun goes off!!!!

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    At least you brought the correct bolt

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