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    Red face Hello Fellow Stalkers from New Member

    Hello to One and All,

    I have been asked to say hello to everyone by the makers of this Forum and do so happily.

    Living in the South Lakes is a blessing that I must admit till recently I took for granted, as you do seeing the same thing each day. But
    I was out Stalking some land that I stalk regularly and with the glorious weather we had, (Our Summer in Two Days), noticed how stunning
    the surrounding area was around me.
    It also made me realise how some people from cities that come to the countryside must feel, the panic that they must feel not being enclosed by concrete.
    All I can say is take a breath and try it, you might find you like it...... Plus always remember that your rules in the city don't always apply to the countryside
    .. Especially if you happen to work in Westminster with a large clock on your roof. You tend to find if you keep to the countryside rules we are a very friendly lot.

    Well I hope that this finds you all well and that you have a great season.



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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