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Thread: Fish Oil capsules

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    Fish Oil capsules

    Any reason I shouldn't give my dog a fish oil capsule? I give her oil now but it's messy and a pain in the backside, so just wondering if there was anything wrong with sticking a gelatine capsule in her dinner.

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    I prefer to give my dog a tin of Tuna in oil, or a Mackrel fillet once a week as a treat.

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    I feed a tin of tuna (split between 3 dogs) mixed with dry food every day.
    Sorry I should of said most days. If we have left over meat they get that diced up and in with their dry food with a little gravy.
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    Never though of that, I'll give it a go.

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    My GSP's have had fish oil capsules for years, I give them oily fish too (leftovers from trout that Ive caught along with the odd tin of tuna etc.) and the odd splash of olive or rape seed oil in their dinner. The one advantage of the capsules is they'll happily take them on their own when I have mine so it doesn't have to be their dinner time. They can be pricey, but no ill effects found so far to me or the dogs!

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    As above my GSPs get a capsule every day during the shooting season (they are working most days) they do get them the rest of the year
    Just not evey day again as the above poster they will get oil tuna etc, capsules are handier in the field for me at least as I live in a B&B five or six days a weekduring the shooting season.

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    I always take advantage of the BOGOF for one a day cod liver oil capsules whenever I see them in Holland and Barrats.
    That equates to one a day each morning for me, to oil my joints, and one for my dog to help her too.
    My dog often gets praised for the sheen of her coat and I put that down to her daily dose of oil.

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    I gave them daily to my Springers and Cockers, never suffered any stiff bones as I could tell but they all got small hard fatty lumps on their backs, no idea if this was related. Vet said these lumps were not uncommon!

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    Whole raw mackerel would be as good as anything. For joint problems, someone told me that Yumove had got her 3-year-old dog walking on 4 legs again within two weeks when the vet had no luck in treating its arthritis for 10 months. New Zealand green-lipped Mussle appears to be the magic ingredient. It certainly seemed to help my broken ankle.

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    Mine all get a tin of sardines in oil twice a week

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