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Thread: Moderator End of Life

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    Moderator End of Life

    How can you tell when a moderator has started working as mine appears noisier to me now than say 6 months ago?

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    What mod is it ?

    If it is only 6 months old if so take it back

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    How do you know it's noisier are you just judging it by ear?
    What make and type of moderator is it, and is it stripable for cleaning.

    You mention end of life in your heading. I think that some manufacturers mention in their advertisements that their products are good for X number of tens of thousands rounds but the only other recommendation on moderator life that I have read was regarding the Reflex moderator when used by the FC. If my memory is correct they were suggesting that the life of a reflex was 5,000 rounds or two years but that was a precaution due to corrosion issues.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Judging by ear, but seems substantially louder. Increase in noise been noted by other people too.

    It is a reflex which cant be stripped and is approx 12 months old but had maybe 1500-1600 rounds down it in multiple calibres as it is a 30 cal moderator.

    i just wondering how do I Know if it is dead?

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    When it's rusted through, totally caked with crud or the baffles have been eroded by flash I would say.

    I'm afraid that the mark 1 ear is a poor way of comparing noise as there can be too many variables. To measure deterioration in effectiveness more scientific means are necessary.
    What are you shooting through the .30 calibre moderator. I shoot both .308w and .223rem through mine. Obviously with the .223 a calibre specific mod would be more effective.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Understood, will try to be more scientific and borrow another moderator and do a DB test. Rifle in question is my 243 through the 30 cal moderator.

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