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Thread: 6.5 X 47 Projectile & Powder

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    6.5 X 47 Projectile & Powder

    I have just started playing around with my 6.5 using Nos 120g BT over 41.5 RS60 getting around 2900 (22" 8.5 twist) however RS60/RL17 seams to be very very dirty leaving what can only be described as coal mine on the crown after only a few shots. I am looking to switch to another (Cleaner) powder and possibly to 140 A max as long as the 8.5 will stabilise it.

    My Question

    Is any one else running 140 Amax out an 8.5, if so what powder and velocity ?

    Alternatively is any one else achieving similar velocities from similar length barrel with a cleaner power with Nosler 120 BT's if so what powder are you using ?

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    I shoot a 6.5-284 with a 8.5 twist. It shoots the 140 amax really well. Without having 1st hand experience of the 6.5x47L I would think the 140 amax might just be a bit heavy for the case. I would think the 123 amax might be more suited to this case

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    With or without mod? I think most powders leave a dirty crown when using a moderator.

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    I use R15 with 140gn Sierra Game kings even with the MOD on its not dirty or not excessively so

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    +1 on RL15, I'm using 41.5 grains behind a 120. Extremely accurate
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    I also use Nos BT with r15 ,I also get a dirty crown as I have a 11 deg target crown and as the mod has not a 11 deg cone (snug fit ) the blacking is slight and not a lot more than I used to get without a mod ,I expect the gap is that reason why a gas vortex type thing lol ? I also use n140 and 123 amax all give me blacking on the crown with no ill effect down range , I just remove it with a wipe round with a rag with carbon carb spray when I clean .

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    Quote Originally Posted by moses View Post
    +1 on RL15, I'm using 41.5 grains behind a 120. Extremely accurate
    Are you sure 41.5 seems a fair load of RE15 my mate gets pressure signs at 38g charge.
    I don't use bullets any bigger than 130g vld but my use 95% of the time is 123g bullets with either H4350 or N150.

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    I use 42g R17 at that gives 3010 fps with 120bt's , out of a 26'' barrel, and very very accurate, and the crowns clean.

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    I use N140 in my 6.5x47 to push a 123 hornady bullet.
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    i use a 120grn nosler BT hunting with 39 grn of reloader 15 does one hole group for paper its 130grn Berger vld with 38grn of reloader 15

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