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    Question New Stalker

    I'm a new deer stalker from Northern Ireland.
    I'm looking to do stalking later in the year in the uk or republic of Ireland.
    Can somebody recomend somewhere to stalk and where I will get my first deer and even a couple and isn't too expensive?

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    welcome to the SD, there is a few members on here who wont be long in finding you to take you out mate.

    all the best to you good luck


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    Hi Cyril, welcome to the forum, loads of information on here from very knowledgable people. (I'm not one of them!)

    Have you looked up this place, I've not been myself but I know some people who have booked some Fallow stalking for this summer and they say the prices were good.

    They're based in Tyrone, I know if you get in touch with the BDS in Northern Ireland they can get some information for you and there is also the Irish Deer Society, the Eire version of the BDS, who can provide information on stalking in Eire.

    Happy Hunting!

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