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Thread: should i stop shooting?

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    should i stop shooting?

    Just testing my first loads out worked up from from start load and im now on 38grs of imr4350 with 100gr bullets.

    Iv noticed that im getting a slight mark where the extractor is. No flattened primer, no difficuty extracting cartridges and bolt it easy to lift after firing.

    What are your thoughts? Am i ok to contnue or shall i stop now.


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    Looks absolutely fine to me but a more effective way of measuring pressure is by measuring case expansion. Have a look on the web to find a good explanation of how to do this but in the meantime I would try to team up with a knowledgeable local reloader if you can.
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    Ok thanks. Iv read about case head swipe and it sounds like this may be what im experiencing. Everything else seems normal, primers fine, no extraction problems , no difficulty opening bolt. No excessive recoil. Well off the max load too.


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    Do you get the same marking when using factory ammunition? - If so you are probably still at a safe loading as the marking is not excessive.
    Also have you chronographed similar factory 100 grain & your reload rounds? - That will add useful information - If both give about the same velocity you can assume you are in the right ball park. If reload velocity is the higher of the two, you may be high on load.
    What make & model of 100 grain bullets are you loading & what overall length (C.O.A.L.) are you loading to? With that added info, pressure & velocity can be theoretically predicted. This will again give pointers to where you may be on the pressure scale.


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    To measure the pressure ring you really need a good micrometer one that reads 10ths and then of course you need to learn out to use it and get the feel. A Digital caliper is ok for a quick check but it is no substitute for a micrometer. Digital calipers are chep and easy to use a modern affliction of cheap, quick and good enough or "that will do" ........................... getting it right seems to be a thing of the past. I find myself wishing that I had been born 30 years earlier more and more.

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    I think you are fine. No signs of any pressure on that primer.

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    I've found primers have different hardness to each other, federals and remington are softer than cci. So I don't go off the primers alone.

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    if its marking your brass its not good,if its marking brass how long will the brass last? perhaps the load is not worth pursuing

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    Primer 'flattening' really is not much of a guide to pressure levels at the end of the day, now a heavy bolt lift on the other hand...
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    Hi ian, the same factory ammo is unmarked when fired in the same rifle. I have a chrono so will test some factory ammo and some of the homeloads tomorrow.

    They are sierra gameking 100grn sbt . Cant tell you coal off the top of my head but they were seated 20 thou off the lands.

    As there were no other signs of pressure i continued and on the final load i was clover leafing which is frustrating as im going to have to drop the charge down due to the ejector recess marks which are still there (more defined at the higher charges).

    Iv preped some sako brass which i will try as iv heard federal is pretty soft.


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