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Thread: Arguments for Brexit - help needed

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    Arguments for Brexit - help needed

    Hi all:

    I am trying to compile a list of rules and regulations out of brussels that are not only ridiculous but also hurt small business and farming by escalating costs and not allowing farmers and businessmen to take risk and realising the full potential of their land and investments.

    Can you help? This is not a Brexit food fight, but looking for some hard core stuff beyond the shape of bananas that hurts the little guys.



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    Jersey is a small country that is NOT in the EU, and they seem to prosper well on their own with exports etc. and they don't have a hand gun ban !!!!

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    Can't blame the EU flr the handgun ban! In fact if we hadn't been in the EU there wouldn't even have been compensation! There are plenty of better examples out there.

    1. The EU is basically undemocratic.
    2. The EU is basically corrupt! (The accounts have never been sertified because they break all accounting rules)
    3. If the Euro goes belly up the countries in the EU but outside the eurozone will have to pay to pick up the pieces. Better not to be there when catastrophe occurs!


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    2 Parliaments ,6 months in each =2 lotsa computers ,copiers/faxes/rents electricity bills and transporting all the carp between the 2=a hell of a load of dosh goes down the tubes that could be spent on trivia like jobs/housing/fire/police/hospitals .No receipts required for travel expense claims by MEP,s so fill in a form and watch the money go in your bank account WHY .Claim for your flat/house or wherever you live whilst working and then youl need a TV/stereo/furniture/food and bills CLAIM that back too,WHY you took the blooming job we cant claim any of this for our jobs can we.Then youl need translators and they need paying ,assistants to make your coffee and file your claim forms away .Biggest gravy train in the world ,not a" FREE" trade organisation at all
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    The stupid rile that all mobile phone chargers the same connector and that rosming charges must be abolished. This is very hurtful of the profits of O2, Virgin, Orange.

    And means friends and family can annoy you by using your charger to charge their phones if they forget theirs...whereas before you could smile and say "No" as your had Nokia charger and they had a Samsung phone.

    This hurting small phone shops as they then hsd to go and buy one to use whilst they were staying or visiting. So these shops lose out on those sales.

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    LOL! Apart from the Euro, probably the most decisive decision ever made, standardise the mobile phone chargers to mini USB. Too bad they can't do it for laptops.
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    Is it relevant that courses and certificates are now required By EU law for weedspraying, poisoning mice rats etc and you can no longer buy either poisons or weedkillers without a cert. All 'grandfather rights' extinguished. There will be others ?

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    And, re the Curry House thread, banning the import of Bombay ducks and, latterly, Alphonso mangoes.

    However the EU has also protected Caribbean bananas imports from the tasteless "dollar bananas" of Dole imported from South America.

    In France I can still enjoy a real banana from Martinique, Guadaloupe and not Colombian "muck".

    Real bananas grow in West Africa or the Carribean...not in Banana Republics in Central and South America!
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    And having to pay import duty on all that Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski. Schmidt and Bender stuff. That really is another thing I blame Brussels for. No more import duty free high end glass like before...

    And all those expanding bullets folks get mail order from the EU. Let's Brexit...cos in Scotland I guess reloaders just love that two hundred mile round trip to the gunshop for 25 worth of bullets.

    I remember having to worry about import duty on the Exacta camera I bought in West Berlin in 1974! Hmm! Nowadays it's worthless in reality as who uses 35mm film nowadays?

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    Really don't get why people think we would be regulation and import duty free if we exit. We would simply have a different layer of trade agreements and import/export restrictions.

    And although many rules and regulations are derived from the EU it is the UK that implements them - more often than not gold plating the EU directives in the process. Do you think the UK is suddenly going to become risk averse to the likes of food hygiene and Health and Safety? I certainly don't.

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