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Thread: Retirement Gun-cupboard equipment downsizing.

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    Retirement Gun-cupboard equipment downsizing.

    I might have what you need. All items new or in excellent used condition for 2/3 price + carriage.
    50 @ .270 WW brass New
    50 @ 7mm. Rem Mag brass New
    RCBS .270 2 die set New
    Lee .270 Collet neck-sizer set with crimper - also full sizer die Used
    RCBS 7X57mm die set Used three times
    Lee .222 Rem die set Used

    Sako Hunter stock - removed new for plastic replacement. Over 20 years seasoning.

    6.5 @ 120 grain Sierra Bullets (not cartridges).

    Contact :-

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    Email sent regarding the 7RM brass.

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    PM Sent RE; Sierra Bullets

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    Please can you tell me how much you want for the 270 reloadin bits and bobs.
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    Sent you a PM as apparently the email I sent didn't get to you?

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