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Thread: Ranger or Isuzu

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    Ranger or Isuzu

    The time is coming for me to buy myself a new 4x4, I have two in mind a Ford Ranger or a Isuzu DMax, any advice is welcome?
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    My mate picked up his new Ranger a couple of weeks back and its pretty impressive.

    Ive had a Landrover, L200 and a Ranger and id be sticking with the Ranger.

    Malcs Isuzu did however pull me out of a ditch once and have to say your choice of two is spot on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty1 View Post
    The time is coming for me to buy myself a new 4x4, I have two in mind a Ford Ranger or a Isuzu DMax, any advice is welcome?
    I'm in exactly the same position myself except I would consider a Toyota or even a new model L200 (better mpg etc. so cheaper to run long term for me which is a plus).

    I've found that the biggest problem is that it is almost impossible to make a logical decision between them as they are all closely matched. The Ranger came out tops in my considerations as it does almost everything well but there aren't many about and any decent ones that come up in my area are sold almost immediately and I'd rather deal in a market where I wasn't always stuck paying top money on the basis that any car I look at will sell in 2 days whether I buy it or not.

    So, the only advice I can give you is that it's a tricky one!! Not very helpful :-) I might just keep my X-Trail and run it until it stops.
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    I test drove a new Ranger and was so underwhelmed I bought a Hilux.

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    I have just got a 16 plate Ranger, 2.2. It ain't very good on fuel, 21mpg. My old 58 plate ranger did almost 30 mpg doing the same work as the new one is doing now. The 4wd system is better in the new ranger, you can select 4wd high on the move. Less room in the new ranger too. Never driven an Isuzu but have been a passenger. Nice trucks

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    Isuzu everytime. I have had 3 now, run the last 2 up to 90,000 miles and apart from a set of shackle bushes, tyres that's all I spent on them. The one I have now is the last of the old shape on a 12 plate, with the 3litre lump LE.

    Cant fault them. The last one pulled Terry's Ford Ranger out of a ditch, with only 3 wheels on the Ranger on the floor, like a wine cork out of a bottle. Simples.

    When I have run this one up, I will be getting another.
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    ISUZU had the DENVER for 8 years before buying the DMax in January last year cannot fault them
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    I have a 15 Plate Ranger 2.2 Limited, spot on. 27mpg now and getting better. It is a bigger truck all round and much more room inside than either my old 10 plate or 52 plate.
    Same spec inside as any other ford as it is not a Mazda now. Heated front screen, aircon etc.
    If you compare the specs side by side the the Ranger is better than the others generally.
    I looked at an Isuzu Blade but the spec was lower and the price higher.
    In the end it is down to which one suits you and your needs better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walshie View Post
    I test drove a new Ranger and was so underwhelmed I bought a Hilux.
    And me,I also test drove the Isuzu thought it very noisy very happy with the new hilux plus the 17% discount through BASC

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    VW Amarok.
    on my 2nd one, and by far the more civilized of all the pick ups on offer (although fair bit more expensive than some).

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