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Thread: Anyone using Hornady Superformance SST 165 gr in 308 win for hunting Roe Deer?

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    Anyone using Hornady Superformance SST 165 gr in 308 win for hunting Roe Deer?

    Just got this and I'm wondering if anyone hunts roe deer with this ammo? What is your experience? What kind of meat damage do you get? Is it too fast for close shots? Any bad experiences?

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    I have used 165 grain SST bullets from a 308 and 30-06 on mule deer and whitetail. I do not like them. Expansion was unreliable, often having the bullet 'grenade' on larger deer, leaving a wound that would probably have been lingeringly lethal, at best. My daughter hit a whitetail doe at 60 yards in the heart/lung and the deer traveled for a couple hundred yards. Last fall I shot a medium sized mule deer using SSTs from my Tikka 308. He was broadside in the timber at about 80 yards and the shot placement was perfect. The deer ran 140 yards before collapsing. There was no blood trail but for pink foam and eventually a chunk of lung the deer had coughed out its mouth. I found the deer and there was no exit wound. On skinning him I found that the bullet had entered above the heart and pulped the lungs as it fragmented. The largest piece angled up and right and spoiled the off shoulder on the left side but there was no exit wound. I have seen what you guys call 'runners' with nearly every deer hit with 165 SST's from 308 and 30-06. I now use them for paper punching off hand practice. Some folks swear by SST's but I will use Interlocks or Game Kings before i use them again on game.~Muir

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    It will blow them into next week from what I have seen.i like the Barnes but I am curious about the GMX

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    My colleague is using them just now and whilst they do the job I think there are equally effective bullets out there that won't cause as much damage at close range. Having said that they perform much better beyond the 150m mark and seem to be very accurate. Recoil on the sharper side though.

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    The SST is designed for reliable expansion at quite low impact velocities. Either you start them slowly and shoot close, or you use them on longer range conditions. I've been looking at using them in 7mm to have a good flat shooting load for open hill use. But I shoot quite a lot of roe close, and when I looked into getting some, can't get them. I am getting very good results with common Hornady soft point. Plenty of penetration and expansion with Roe deer dead on the spot at all ranges up to 160/180 yards.

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    The SST, Nosler BT, and TTSX say on the box, "1800 fps to 2500 fps impact velocity".
    Nosler has recently dropped the prices on their Ballistic Tips to almost as cheap as the SST, while pushing the much more expensive Accubond.

    As small as roe deer are, you don't need expansion from a .308 to knock them flat in their tracks.

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    Have a look at the ballistics of the 165gr au performance ammo - it's doing 2840 at the muzzle, 2635 at 100 and 2430 at 200. That's going to be messy at anything under 150ish yards, but very effective out at 200 yard mark.

    Go go to the Hornady website - the 125gr custom light (if you can get it here) might be very good on Roe - mv of 2650 fps.

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    Haven't used it in 308, but used it a lot in my 270. It doesn't blow roe to bits, it's no worse than any other round.

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