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Thread: Rpa 6br

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    Rpa 6br

    RPA 6br single shot
    Staffordshire synthetic stock fully bedded
    krieger 1/8 twist light varmint fluted at 22 inch
    jewel trigger
    Atec mod
    Redding comp dies
    100 new lapua brass
    old brass some loaded rounds plus load data
    some 105gr amax plus 87gr vax
    725 round count

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    Any interest any offers this rifle is mint


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    Dies, 100 new lapua brass and bullets would cost 400 plus so a good deal for some one ��

    100 yard groups, I've shoot vermin out past 500 yards and steel out to 1000 yards no problem it's a mint rifle that shoots real good


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    Probably a stupid question but can a third eye tactical mag system be put on this ?

    Cheers mauser.

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    Hi just looked it up and answered my own question no. But I am interested in the rifle ill send you a pm.

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    Is that not the best looking rifle you've ever seen

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    Rifle now sold thanks for the help

    cheers gaz

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