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Thread: Sako 75 Re-barrel

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    Sako 75 Re-barrel

    I have a Sako Hunter 25-06 (Action IV) which I'm considering getting re-barrelled to 7x57; not sure how much work this would involve, but I'd appreciate any advice.

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    I got my 75 rebarreled from .22-250 to 6.5x47mm by HPS Target Rifles in South Gloucester. It was a 28" Lothar Walther target barrel, so pretty solid! They charged £700 and some shrapnel for the complete package - barrel, fitting and proof.

    There are others that will charge less, and some more, but I was very happy with the work by John Carmichael and his team, and will go back there if I ever need another done. I should add that they reload all my ammo, so that probably helped my decision...
    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
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    The work would involve;

    Unscrewing the old barrel, checking and stripping the action completely, lapping the lugs (if not all lugs contact), prepare new barrel, create tenon, thread to suit action, fit and cut tenon to length for clearance on bolt head, create chamber, create moderator thread if required and machine thread protector, send to proof, return from proof, blue, coat or bead blast to suit customer finish.

    Contact custome, arrange collection, payment and sign onto FAC

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    Thanks, so it sounds like it is feasible without too much work to the bolt face etc.

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    My advice is that it is a decidedly unpatriotic chambering...
    Although I suppose that you could call it a .275 and then I might let you off...
    But probably not

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    Have a chat with james at jager sa he will se you right top work and good prices

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    I too am considering have my tikka 695 rebarrelled to 7x57... I'd like a sako finnlight weight barrel and wondered if such a thing was available.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by monarman View Post
    I too am considering have my tikka 695 rebarrelled to 7x57... I'd like a sako finnlight weight barrel and wondered if such a thing was available.?
    James Clark (Jaeger SA) put a Bergara 20 inch fluted barrel on my Sako 75 in .260 Rem. I have a Finnlight in .243 and the .260 Bergara is similar but slightly heavier profile.
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    I had someone tell me that they had a dud Bergara barrel when ringing around for my 6BR project

    really don't know or care much about barrel brands but there must be some that have a higher number of positive owners than others

    anyone ever had a dud barrel of any brand?

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    As the case head is the same diameter on both rounds there is nothign needed to be done to the bolt face.

    Redmist seems to have covered it well and gather from comments about him in other threads that knows what he is doing.

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