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Thread: GAME Clothing - Anyone got any?

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    GAME Clothing - Anyone got any?

    Hi All,

    As above, my lad has come across this brand of clothing on the web, it looks ok but does anyone have any practical experience of it?

    Game Men s Stalking Smock

    Thanks for any help


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    Interesting, never heard of them. I know price is no guarantee of quality but I would imagine they are the more 'budget' end of things, no mention of branded type waterproofing such as goretex or sympatex etc, but hey, maybe worth a try? I would hazard they look like the kind of rydale type level of quality (certainly their tweed jacket looks like that) so my guess is it's not going to be a brand leader but if it works within your budget, try it and see?

    'Game' followed by 'men's' unfortunately for the brand sounds somewhat different to the message they're trying to convey me thinks.......
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    Game is a label you'll see quite a bit on fleabay - wax jackets for 40, tweed shooting jackets for 65 etc..

    i would put good money on the waterproof membrane being from lower end of the specification spectrum, in short it will be quite sweaty - saying that it will probably be pretty waterproof and the construction quality will be reasonably ok.

    if i was looking for an item of clothing to wear on a 3 day stalk in the Western Highlands in March its not what i would choose, OTOH if i was looking for something to walk the dog, or to just wear in a general sense, then Game/Rydale etc.. would be absolutely fine. personally i wear lots of Rydale stuff, i like their shirts, gilets and fleeces very much...

    my concern with the stalking smock is that it could well be a foray in Ridgeline territory - a badly designed plastic bag. that said, i might well be tempted to get one, see how it does on a gentle dog walk in April and if i didn't sweat like a pig in a bacon butty, perhaps take a punt on keeping it for the late autumn-winter-early spring period.

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    Hi. Look cool for the money. I need some trousers myself so will look at these more closely.

    I am having no issues with my Jack Pyke gear at mo though.

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    Re: breathability, there are two methods which give a "MVP" value in the thousands. 3000, as stated on the website, is a very low figure on either test. Top end fabrics from the likes of Gore will score up to 20,000 or 30,000 depending on the test methodology. I'd expect most budget stuff worth buying to score at least 10,000, otherwise you're well into the realms of wearing a bin liner.
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    has anyone ever come across a hunting cape?

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    Quote Originally Posted by artschool View Post
    has anyone ever come across a hunting cape?

    only on a vintage/fancy dress stall in Camden Market - big tweed thing last seen being worn by Sherlock Holmes.

    i've seen waterproof ponchos being used (15 on fleabay..), it certainly did the job of keeping the rain out without sweating to death in a fitted plastic bag, but they didn't cope with wind - they flapped about like mad letting the rain/snow in and alerting every living thing within a bout 8 miles to the wearers presence.

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    Don't know anything about the smocks, I have a Game cammo hoodie not waterproof but will hold out a shower fairly windproof I wear it quite often roe stalking .

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    Like most of us I suppose I have bought my fair share of hunting jackets. I do like the references to plastic bags,sweaty bin liners and bacon butties. All very relevant and true .
    the best value jacket I have bought is an ex Dutch army Goretex DPM 3/4 length parka with a full length zip and a Velcro weather strip. Two big pockets and a side pocket. It even came with two blank rounds of 5.6 in the bottom of the lining,thankfully expended.
    i can't fault it for 10 plus post. Wind proof,waterproof, not stylish. But it ticks the right boxes for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artschool View Post
    has anyone ever come across a hunting cape?
    ASKARI hunting have a very good Loden Cape at a very good price too in their sale.
    I haven't bought one yet but after nearly freezing myself to death in Hungary last year, I keep looking at them and have almost convinced myself I need one.
    I like the thought of sitting down and folding it around my knees.
    I think I would only wear it if stalking on my own ;-) or I may get away with it abroad, particularly if some of the locals are wearing them.

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