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Thread: Swarovski 8x56 pf rifle scope

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    Swarovski 8x56 pf rifle scope

    I am selling my swarovski 8x56 pf rifle scope that has been on my .243 for about 2 yrs, in that time i have only shot around 80 rounds at the most as i normally use my .270, the scope is for sale at 575 and i would urge people to look at it before they buy if you are close enough to Wakefield as it is in excellent condition,it comes with all the paper work, box, and bikini covers, i can post but would like the buyer to see it first if at all possible, if you get in touch i will give out my mobile number and could possibly meet up with you, many thanks rich
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    cheap as chips!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Did you sell the scope or do you still have it available.

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    sorry for the delay, scope is sold thanks rich

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