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Thread: Lobby your PCC candidates

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    Lobby your PCC candidates

    Dear all,

    please see here ,

    Also several PCC candidates are posing interesting view on their web site so if you come across any post them on this thread too!



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    Apparently the Green candidate in my area is "supportive"...
    Odd, considering the Greens' own website says they're fundamentally opposed to shooting. It's in their policy!
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    Thanks for this David, very useful to see!

    I've emailed so will revert as and when I hear back.

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    Sent. If I get a reply I'll post it here!
    Not going to hold my breath given my variation / renewal debacle. I didn't get any response from GMP / MP, or commissioner over a 6 months period!!


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    Sent - there are particular problems in Lincolnshire since G4S has taken over firearms licensing. Will be interested in the how the candidates respond which I will post on here.

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    An immediate and positive response from our UKIP candidate within 5 minutes of hitting the send button!

    Dear Mr Orion,

    As you may be aware I retired from Police Service last year. One of my first postings 30 years ago was as a Community Beat Officer who were, at that time, responsible for the licensing of weapons within their area of responsibility. It was a role the officers and Police took very seriously and as far as I am aware, although now carried out by Police Staff, still do. This is why we have the tightest and most effective firearms control in the world. I partake in Clay Pigeon Shooting and am satisfied with the checks made and requirements for the issue and retention of firearms.
    An efficient licensing operation is vital for the safety of our communities and is an area I fully support and endorse.

    Kind regards

    Jonathan Smith
    The Peoples' Candidate for the Devon and Cornwall Police & Crime Commissioner
    United Kingdom Independence Party

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    Done. Their replies will play an important part of my decision as yet not made.

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    It is possible to add further remarks in the form before submission. Here are mine:

    Did you know that one measure of efficiency is the number of Section 7 permits, which firearms departments have to issue if they do not process firearms certificate or shot gun certificate renewals before expiry of the current certificate. In 2010 Hampshire Police issued 79. In 2015 they issued 1205, an increase over the 319 in 2014. Grant and renewal fees were increased in 2015 and in return shooters were promised efficiencies in processing. The outgoing Hampshire Chief Constable Andy Marsh has presided over this scandalous state of affairs and will not be missed by shooters. He was NPCC lead on Firearms and while he seemed to relish the national profile this gave him, he presided over an ever increasing shambles in the Hampshire Firearms department.

    I would appreciate an explanation as to how you, if elected, intend that Hampshire police firearms department are brought up to speed. They are the 5th worst force in England & Wales by the above measure. Will you task your new Chief Constable with getting control of the situation in the firearms department. If so, you will get my vote.

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    I had this response from Mike Baker, Independent candidate for South Wales Police:

    Thank you for making contact, can I say firstly that my response is not in any way geared to pushing you or your members towards voting for me, though I would clearly like them to do so, but my reply will be based on my opinion and the law.
    All that said, when I was an officer, I was at one time the leader of the firearms tactical unit and a force tactical adviser to the chief officer group. I regularly met with shooting groups throughout the force area. I fully support the lawful possession of firearms and shooting clubs. I am also fully aware that there are those that need to have firearms in their daily work life, I.e. farmers etc. I will continue to support this position and enable the police service to monitor the licensing of those involved. I would also say that I will be vigorous in my approach to illegal firearm possession.
    Let me finish by saying that I am annoyed by 'Knee Jerk' responses to firearms law, because in the main they tend to focus on those who are legal and tend not to interrupt the illegal trade.

    I hope this answers your question, if you have any more please let me know

    Kindest Regards


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    My speedy reply -

    Dear Mr Sanderson

    Thank you for getting in touch with me on this very important issue.

    As you may know there are some 40000 licenced firearms in Lincolnshire, the highest of any county area in England.

    fully support the lawful use of firearms and I would urge you to read
    this article on my website to see my pledge to take firearms licencing
    back from G4S and under Lincolnshire Police's direct control.

    Kind regards

    Marc Jones
    Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Lincolnshire

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