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Thread: RCBS Chargemaster......

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    RCBS Chargemaster......

    ...anyone please?

    I know they are as rare as rocking horse poo - but I thought I'd ask.


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    There are always several on fleabay, but they're usually in the US so I don't know what they'd actually cost to get over here.


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    I imported one from america, think it was Natchez who had a deal on and they do it with the correct plug and adaptor if you ask them. Worked out about 100 cheaper than buying in UK that was this time last year though.

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    PM replied. Thanks.

    On US supply - thanks for comments. I used to work in Florida until recently and will be back there later this year so I may wait if I can't find one, then buy off Midway US / other US supplier for US delivery.

    I was just hoping someone might have a full set up that would work out similar price.

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