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Thread: Worried about bedding

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    Worried about bedding

    Some may have followed my posts on the accuracy problems I'm having with a Sako 75.

    It has recently been bedded (pillar and Devcon). I felt that the job looked messy and amateurish, but freely admit that I have limited experience.

    I'd be very grateful if people could take a look at these pics and say whether it looks as you would expect it to or not.

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    Agian I have to be brutally honest,

    this is the worst I have seen in years, I would be well miffed if this was done to something like my 6mmbr. I would also take it back to the fella that done this,

    as well as, what looks like a massive amount of air locks for want of a better description, the rear area looks uneven with even more areas with massive gaps in the bedding compound, and the miss match from the action to a bad bedding job has to effect the actions position within the stock

    trully awfull.

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    It doesn't look great mate. How tight is the recoil lug in its bedding?

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    How does it actually shoot?
    The job does look a bit half arsed, in fact quite similar to something I once had done....and then redone.

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    From my understanding and research into bedding ( thinking of doing it to s rifle of mine) is that you remove some of the wood around the rear of the action- but leave a small lip so that the action sits at the same depth at the rear when replaced. I note from you previous post that at the rear of the action it is slightly lob sided for lack of a better word and sits below the wood.
    As has been mentioned before this slight decrease in distance from screw head to action could result in the screws being too long.
    It takes patience to cut the rear wood so that it can still be used for depth and to keep action straight.
    These both make me think rushed job and that is in keeping with the rest of the bedding appearance. This link shows what I mean.
    Stress-Free Pillar Bedding

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    Personally I think they haven't removed enough to get a good layer of devcon in there? And it does look a rushed jib and lob sided, I would take it back and get them to redo or get them to pay for someone to redo it.

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    In no particular order:


    via Imgflip Meme Maker

    2) recoil lug bedding is usually clearanced below and in front..usually by applying electrical tape to the lug before bedding and removing after it sets...doesn't appear to be, as the front screw is tightened on a totally encased lug it is pulling the bottom edge of the recoil lug into the bedding..creating tension
    3) bedding material should incorporate a small section of the barrel just beyond the action, the stock has been clearanced to accept it but the bedding is not there.
    4) the depth of the bedding compound in some areas looks too thin and is flaking, more clearance required.
    5) general sloppiness of application as it has not been taped or cleaned on the top edges of the stock and there is bedding in the chequering
    6)the pillars should be in full contact with the metal, not covered slightly with thin bedding, as that invariably flakes away the void will create tension... See point 2
    7) part of the tang area is usually left as rear depth reference, the barrel taped to fix height above barrel channel
    this hasn't been done so the entire action has rotated in the stock without a reference.
    8) the general appearance is shoddy with chips and voids in corners and edges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milligan View Post
    How does it actually shoot?
    Very badly: horizontal stringing of about 4 inches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    Very badly: horizontal stringing of about 4 inches.
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    I'd be disappointed with that Mungo, hope you didn't pay to much for it.

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