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Thread: Vacuum sealing machine

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    Vacuum sealing machine

    Any ideas on this apart from bin it and buy a better one? I bought a 40 vacuum sealer 6 months ago and after working great it now only sucks a small bit of air out then seals.....

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    Is there a leak on the vacuum side?

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    I did think that but wouldnt know where to look to see if there was.....any advice appreciated

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    If you purchased from the UK you have the right to return it for repair or replacement as long as you have proof of purchase.

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    Just make sure you are using the same bags as some won't work with the ones that are embossed on just one side ?

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    Ah, good point about bags as one side is smooth and one is embossed. Which side should be put face down?

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    It was just the james martin one i found on ebay, so wasn't expensive but before dumping it to buy another one i thought i would see if it was something simple

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    Bought a Lava vacumn sealer. A bit expensive but it's superb. Buy once, cry once! I seal using the rolls which you can cut to size. Embossed side down when sealing.

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