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Thread: Ruger Precision Rifle

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    Ruger Precision Rifle

    This looks an interesting rifle Ruger Precision Rifle Review - RifleShooter for long range plate bashing. I wonder what UK importers will add to the $1,000 price tag.

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    There already here and most places are 1395.00

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    The reviews i have read all praise the rifles accuracy , but all avoid mentioning the low barrel configuration playing any part in this.
    Would be interesting to hear any thoughts about this

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    I shoot an RPR 308 and have made no bones about the fact that the low barrel -in line with my shoulder- makes the gun very pleasant to shoot and seems to add to the accuracy. Even before I installed the current muzzle brake the recoil was exceedingly mild and I would never have the reticle swerve off my target even out to 1000 yards. It is a fun rifle to shoot. I don't shoot competition, nor do I hunt with it, but I do like to bang steel plates at random ranges where the wind gods play.~Muir

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    So will we be seeing hunting rifles follow suit.
    can a sub 7lb rifle be made in that configuration?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe soapy View Post
    So will we be seeing hunting rifles follow suit.
    can a sub 7lb rifle be made in that configuration?

    Yes, it's called an AR-15 / M16A1

    Various people have built 'bullpups' for stalking over the years, short and with an inline layout. They're an 'acquired taste' I'd say. Looks aside, such rifles usually have to have the sights mounted well above the action to account for the difference in shoulder and eye heights and this isn't ideal for heavy cover.

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    There was even a revolver made that had the bore at the bottom of the cyclinder/frame rather than the more usual position at the top. It was not much of a sales success.

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    My brother had an Armalite AR10 in 7.62m/m NATO before Mrs Thatcher's 1988 ban. Straight line, little recoil, 1" at 100 yards. So straight line does work. And, pre development of EU case law he was paid just 150 compensation...and nil for its magazines...whe he had to surrender it.

    Those that want "out" on 23rd June either have short memories or are too young to have, as adults, lived through a Westminster Parliament (Thatcher from 1979) dictatorship. We did! Thank God for the EU forcing better compensation in 1996 with John Major's handgun ban.

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    Conure's awkward revolver was the Mateba. There's been the same pistol on Holt's for nigh two years. Reserve gets lower each time it's offered. Still hasn't sold. Down from 1500 to 800 last time it didn't sell.

    Browning's 1900 .32ACP/7.65m/m pistol also had its spring above the an "underneath" barel as it might be described. Those were slightly more success in sales terms than the Mateba!

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    The AR-15 was originally the AR-10, in 7.62x51 NATO, and very little muzzle rise, even on full auto bursts. The new AR-10 is usually a heavy barrel, and a tack driver. The HK-91 /G3, FN-FAL, and current FN SCAR all have barrels low, under the operating rod, and in line with the stocks.

    When I used to shoot ISU rapid fire and duel, I used Hammerli and FAS semi-autos, which have the barrel set very low, and the magazine ahead of the trigger guard.

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