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Thread: Time Validity of S7 Permits?

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    Time Validity of S7 Permits?

    Would anyone know if the issue by a FD of a S7 permit on failure to issue a renewed certificate by its expiry date has a particular period of validity, and itself subject to re-issue if the renewal is still not completed, or have they no time limit, and carry on in force until the renewal certificate is issued or renewal is refused?

    If they have a time limit, is it a set period, or can it be varied?


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    Permits authorising possession6.17 Section 7 of the 1968 Act enables a chief officer of police to issue to a person a permitauthorising them to possess a firearm or ammunition to which section 1 of the 1968 Actapplies, or a shotgun, in any special case where it may not be necessary or desirable toissue a certificate. For example, a permit should in normal circumstances be issued toauthorise the temporary possession by a relative or the executor of a deceased person, orthe receiver of a bankrupt’s estate, of firearms or ammunition forming part of the propertyof the deceased person or bankrupt. A permit may not be issued to authorise the purchaseor acquisition of firearms or ammunition (but see section 5(1) of the 1988 Act and chapter15). If it does not specify possession only, it will be assumed by default that the permitallows use. A permit should be issued if a certificate holder’s firearm certificate or shotguncertificate has expired and they have made reasonable efforts to renew in good time.

    Nothing in there t help. However, if we go to the '68 Act it states;

    7.-(1) A person who has obtained from the chief officer of Police permit.police for the area in which he resides a permit for the purposein the prescribed form may, without holding a certificate underthis Act, have in his possession a firearm and ammunition inaccordance with the terms of the permit.(2) It is an offence for a person to make any statementwhich he knows to be false for the purpose of procuring,whether for himself or for another person, the grant of a permitunder this section.8.-(1) A person carrying on the business of a firearms.

    This sentence perhaps holds the key, " in accordance with the terms of the permit".

    So, the S7 permit authorises the holding of firearms and ammunition in this manner and it does not mention time. I am not aware of anywhere else in the Acts a S7 permit is constrained by law to a 'statutory' time period. So if you have an S7 without time limits then it can in theory endure for ever or for the whole of the period when you have no other legal means of holding firearms ?
    That said s7 deosnt mention expanding ammo and we know its an offence to hold that under a S7 permit - time someone simplified the rules !!!???!!!

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    Mine have always been for 6 months.

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    I'm in Thames Valley Police Service area - my S7 permits have been for 3months and then renewed as expired until such time the renewed FAC has been issued.

    Suspect each Police Service has their own variation/interpretation.


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    Mine were for 3 months too.

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    Many thanks. I am pondering an FOI request to have Hants Police elaborate on the 1205 S7s they issued during 2015. The above information will be useful to frame my request...

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    same 3 months and a ban on hunting as no exp ammo

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    3 months for a SGC and 6 months for an FAC from my experience

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    Essex Police on their strangely named "Service (sic) Delivery Targets" webpage quote 6 months validity for a S.7 starting when your FAC or SGC expires (which is when they'll actually start to look at it, not before!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    same 3 months and a ban on hunting as no exp ammo
    No hunting deer you can hunt everything else

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