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Thread: Waiting Times for Lancs FAC

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    Waiting Times for Lancs FAC

    Sent my FAC application off a month ago along with my current shotgun cert for the joint one and haven't heard anything and they still haven't cashed the cheque. Should I chase up? Last time I sent my SGC in for renewal they cashed the cheque asap even if the visit and renewal took longer.


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    Applied for a variation with Northumbria. Took 3 weeks from application to recieving. Very good service.

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    I would email the Firearms Licensing team asking for confirmation that they have received your application - most licensing departments have an automated email reply confirming receipt of your email. Even better if they take telephone enquiries and you can confirm with a staff member. Either way might give you peace of mind

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    drop them an email asking for confirmation of receipt, can take a few weeks to grind through the internal systems and get to the bank. good news is if they have cashed your cheque they have the paperwork!!
    West Mids. and Staffs are now issuing temporary certificates by return as there running so far behind they now do this as a matter of routine. I got my temp cert three days after they received my coterminous paperwork..

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    Thanks will chase them up tomorrow. Iv got land to shoot on and am itching to get out. It's like being a kid on xmas eve only it lasting months ��

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    the phone lines are only manned for a couple of hours in the afternoon, you will find they do respond to e-mails. i had my firearms go missing in the post, (not from them) I e-mailed them and received a call within 24hrs and had my duplicate in my hand 24hrs after that.
    They also changed it to AOLQ for me, and sent a replacement euro firearms cert,
    After reading some of the horror stories about renewals and variations i thought it was worth posting.
    Best of luck,
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Just an update emailed then got called back this morning. They have a back log on grants and are currently processing applications sent Mid Jan!!! Was told it's likely to be another 2 months at least!!! Sucks but hey ho what can you do? Least they were spot on with coming back to me within a few minutes.

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    Met a chap on Sunday under LCC and he told me he has been waiting since November for his FAC and had his interview last week. Previously he held a FAC but let it elapse. Jesus wept it's obscene. Good job I paid to join a syndicate and am currently leaving all the deer for the other members ������

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    They are understaffed mate. It may be some time yet.
    Quid enim proderit Homini si lucretur Mundum totum et detrimentum faciat Animae suae?

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    Check their website. I think they are running at 8 weeks minimum

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