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Thread: 243 ammo. hornady 95g sst

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    243 ammo. hornady 95g sst

    Hi folks. Have any of you used the above ammo in 243. Its not the superformance sst type. Its standard sst bullet. Supposedly slower than the superformance.
    How did they do on deer etc?

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    I use 95gn SST in my Tikka T3 .243 and have done for a number of years, mainly because i have a lot of them.

    No problem, a great bullet (once the load is right) and very accurate.

    There is a cautionary note to this, very close range <30 yards on Muntjac and if you overdrive them with a very hot load the core will separate from the jacket and the front of the deer (muntjac) is a mess. Losing the front end my not be a problem to you?

    I've got the balance just right with N160 but it took a bit of load development.

    If i had the time over again i would probably go with Nosler Accubond, those stay together better.

    I hope this helps you?


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    HI jeff. Have you shot the hornady sst factory ammo?
    Im looking to try in my tikka 243 for fallow. How did the bullet fair with placement on different areas like hear lung, shoulder, neck?
    Would they be brittle with shoulder shots. Did the sst blow up in the deer or exit etc

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    Yes I've used the factory ammo and moved on to reloads. Reloading improved the group to give me 1/4" at 100 yards.

    I only use my .243 on Muntjac and fox so I cant help you with a fallow answer sorry.

    For Fallow I use 165gn Nosler Accubond .308.

    As for Muntjac, shoulder = massive damage to the front end. You can forget both front legs.

    Neck & head = massive damage.

    Heart lung = perfect, breaks 1 rib on the way in & 1-2 ribs on the way out with an impressive blood trail.

    This bullet expands towards the "aggressive" end of the spectrum but is amazingly accurate so bullet placement is simplified.

    Collateral damage is minimal with a heat/lung shot as the spherical expansion & shock wave can occur within the chest cavity.

    Hitting a significant bone structure such as the shoulder the bullet behaves poorly. Also the hydrostatic shock of a shoulder shot ruptures the musculature and creates a hell of a lot of bruising to the tissue.

    It could be argued that a Fallow has an increased surface area to absorb and dissipate the impact energy.

    Is the deer destined for a game dealer?

    I'm part of a 7 man team that handles deer control under a deer manager. We use 7mm-08 and .308's on fallow. Very little damage = happy game dealer.

    If i were ever to use my .243 on Fallow I would move to a different "bonded" bullet and be mindful of the speed.

    I hope this helps?

    Have a good weekend.


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    Thanks jeff. Not for GD. Just my freezer but im in heavy cover and want some thing to cause hyd stat shock to drop them and not to look for them in heavy cover. I had a few runners with ppu ammo even with good shot placement.
    Ive also a 308 with similar bullet type im going to use when the season starts.
    The shots are approx 50 yards give or take some closer so im hoping the sst will work fast if i do my part with shot placement.
    We cant hand load over here so its off the shelf stuff only.
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    I use the same load as Jeff, 42gn N160 with 95gn SST and I've shot fallow and reds with this load. One red I shot at about 80yds in the heart made it about 30yds. With muntjac I aim for heart at anything over 50yds and within that I go for head or neck.

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