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Thread: RL15 one size fits all?

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    RL15 one size fits all?


    Having the same old story of varget drying up, trying to source a powder to load several calibers and after much searching came across RL15 , and from what the load data informs me it appears to cover all bases,for the calibers I reload, anyone out there use RL15 at all?

    in the following calibers, 223/243/260/308/30-30/303.

    cheers Steve

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    Used RL 15 in the 260 - just the max loads from the Nosler Book 6/website, same for a 7-08 that I used to have..... the results matched the Nosler data within 5fps, using Nosler Custom Brass or Lapua brass. I am still using it after 10 years and have no reason to change unless the supply dries up.

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    Yes,for .243 and .308.......then it dried up so got some Varget!!!

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    RL 15 for 243 pushing 58gr vmax and 150gr Sst in a 30-06. Ramshot hunter will also do the job.


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    I use it in 22-250 and 220swift but it seems to be drying up in shops,n140 and varget are norma 203b the same?
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    yep use it for my 6.5x47 L short barrel

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    I thought Varget was readily available last time I saw at least 5x tubs in two different places. Have you tried reloading solutions if your in Oxford?


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    n140 should just about do you , cheap, usually easily available

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    I asked for RL15 at the Shooting Show and was told that RS60 was the same, but according to charts, I should have been sold RS50, which also has the same burn rate as N140. The charts show RS60 as being the same burn rate as RL17 and N550.

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    RL 15 for .243, use it as an alternative to n140

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