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Thread: Polish Wild Boar Captured on Trail Cam

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    Polish Wild Boar Captured on Trail Cam

    Hi; Following a recent visit to my "Pal" out in Poland, here is a "wee" snippet of some "Dzik" captured on the trail camera. I have a few more including a few stills of Deer, of which I hope to load in due course. This is my first "Shot" at loading a video via YouTube so see how it go's. The area is a completely natural unfenced forest, the Dzik are truly very wild. These Boar make a fantastic challenge especially stalked on foot, first or last thing. I have one clip were the Boar is quite obviously spooked by something, it would appear to be the Trail cam, possibly the Red light? It does a couple of double takes, then decides enough is enough and departs taking a whole "Army" of un-seen Boar in tow, but has typical just as they break the Tree line, they all hit the brakes, Ear's and snout's up, before they proceed at double quick pace. You really have to be on your Toe's managing this wonderful creature.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	69518Two Fallow Bucks have a "wee tussle" This was taken just the other week in a small clearing, literally 30 yards outside the Small Wooden "Hunters" cabin of which I was staying. My mate of whom is part of the local Hunting club, was more surprised then me. They are hardly ever seen, they are not really that welcome as apparently they have been known to push the more favoured "Jelen" or red stags off the ground. I'm guessing these guys are near enough nocturnal, I spent quite sometime in and around that forest, I saw just about most of the game in there including Beaver, however not so much as a glimpse of the Fallow until I strolled across the 30yrds in the morn to take a peak at the trail cam. Half a dozen or so in total, along with a Fox and towards dawn a Hare !

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    Another short video of Wildboar off the trail cam from my trip to Poland a week or so ago. There was a Big "Tusker" in the area the evening before, but he was proving a little camera shy!

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