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Thread: I am stocked again for shotgun powders !

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    I am stocked again for shotgun powders !

    Took me awhile but I have my personal stock of shotgun powders replenished to suit me !

    I have almost 24 pounds of Hogdon's Universal Clays for use in the 12 , 16 , 20 and 28 gauge guns .

    Still have about 6 or 7 pounds of SR7625 for the short 10 gauge and when I run out of SR7625 I'll make the transition Universal Clays for the 10 as well or possibly go to Unique or Green Dot or the new Winchester 572 .

    Have I think 3 or 4 pounds of W296 and H-110 for use in the 410 now !

    I think I wanna add 8 pounds of Unique and 8 pounds of Green Dot .

    On a side note Hogdon has seen fit to bring out a ball powder called W572 that is supposed to replace SR7625 I think when m distributer has some of that I'll get a couple pounds for trial in the short 10 and if it works we'll see if I can get a couple 8 pounders .

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    I could not believe the patterns that my Mossy 500 threw with 1 1/8oz of 4 shot over a fibre was and Green Dot. Very mild and patterns like a grid, amazing if dirty due to the low pressure.

    Are powders becoming more available in the US now?

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