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Thread: The eyes have it - or not!

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    The eyes have it - or not!

    Now then. I am over 60 and my eyes are deteriorating. I wear glasses most of the time but, until recently, not whilst stalking. Now I need help.
    When I was abroad, the very top man in the country fitted me with, very simple, contact lenses, but I do struggle with them.
    What are you guys doing? Shooting with specs on? Lasered? What?
    My lifelong pal has always worn specs. Looked through his binoculars with specs. It seems funny to me. If I fit rubber caps will it just begin to feel normal?
    Not that long til the stags. What do I do?

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    I have had to wear specs for twenty years or more. Its just a case of getting used to them really. Biggest problem I find is rain, so wear a hat with a big peak or broad brim. High humidity can also cause fogging up, so keep a lens cloth handy too.

    I have found varifocals can cause a problem when looking through the sight, so I have a pair of single vision specs that I use for rifle and shotgun shooting.

    I do occasionally use the 'daily' disposable contact lenses but not enough to get really competent with them, so struggle a bit.
    A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

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    Wore specs for 30 plus years. Tried contacts but didn't really get on with them. About 9 years ago had my eyes lasered - sair chuffed! I drove back next day for check up much to annoyance of better half. My sat nav had her eyes lasered a couple of months later.
    Works for me wasnt cheap but to me worth it. Silly things like not having to hunt for specs in the morning, or drying the things when raining. Being able to choose a nice pair of sun specs that don't need prescription lenses. Or better still being able to read while soaking in a bath without misting up! Down side, in my opinion, glare while driving at night has increased but that may just be a getting older issue.


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    I was told laser eye surgery couldn't correct deterioration caused by age. Any body know more about it.
    I wear varifocals. I cannot wear them whilst stalking or shooting. Distorts the picture through the scope!

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    " Lazered" less then a grand, 12yr ago via a ebay deal! I break out in a sweat thinking about the " gamble" i took. Needn't have worried it still remains the best grand i ever invested!

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    Been wearing contact lenses all day, every day, for almost 25 years. Brilliant.
    One day, though, if I ever have the funds, I'll go for laser treatment as per post #5

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    Thanks guys. Do you have to do anything with your binoculars as in the way of eyepieces so that you can bring them up to your specs - or do you kind of hold them away?

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    I went for a laser consultation as I've started wearing glasses for long distance......brilliant, I'd be able to see for miles without glasses BUT I'd need to start wearing glasses for reading!

    I don't wear reading glasses at the moment and told them so but he replied "If we correct one then the other goes" so I asked him what's the point and why didn't he tell me this right at the start rather than an hour in to the consultation to which he replied "normally if we tell people this at the start of the consultation, they walk out" which point I walked out!!!!!

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    I wore glasses from the age of 4 till i was 40, then had my eyes lazered.
    When speaking to them, i was basically told i would require reading glasses in 10 years (50) due to getting older.
    But was just fed up wearing glasses for so long so was not bothered.

    If your in your 60s i would say it would be a waste of money going for the lazer treatment.

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    same scenario here when I put glasses on whilst stalking I may have strapped the swaros to myself so much better but I find them awkward esp when walk stalking in winter and wearing a snood .....fogging .may try contacts .
    good thread
    cheers Norma

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