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    OK guys, I need a mod. I know I need one because I can shoot more accurately with one. I've proven this on the range. It's for a T3 in .243. What would you fit and why? If there is anything I should avoid, what is it? And why?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The over barrel A-Tec weighs in at only 500gms and is quieter than any other mod I have heard:- T8, PES, CBQ jet-Z. There is a new modular A-Tec coming to the market, with this moderator you can remove baffles or add them depending on how quiet or light you want the moddy to be. When we tested the first one in the country on a 20 barrel 243 and we found we could run it on only 3 baffle sets and it still suppressed the noise enough to protect you ears while stalking I guess configured like this it probably weighed about 300gms.

    Best rgds


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    Stress free stainless steel PES any time. I know they are heavy but they are worry free and do the job perfectly. If you are walking 20 miles plus in the highlands then you may want to look at something lighter.

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    I have a T3 308 fitted with a T8 it is a lot top heavy but it is so quiet all my mates comment on how good it is..
    The balance of the rifle is affected greatly, I think it's great really clams it down big time, makes it a pleasure to shoot

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    I have been a T8 user for eleven years and swear by them, BUT recently, just to fill a slot on my FC, I acquired a Wildcat Predator 8.
    I have been taking folk on an Estate shooting Deer recently and before we go I check their rifle hasn't been knocked in transit on the way to the location.
    As a result I have heard a plethora of combinations of Rifles/Calibres and sound moderators.
    I agree entirely with what you have said above BUT since hearing and using the Predator I would describe it as a 'T8 in Disguise'
    By that, I mean that it is exceptionally well made, strippable for cleaning, slightly lighter than a T8, made from alloy and with the Mk1 ear, slightly better sound reduction wise.
    The rrp is slightly more than the T8 but can normally be got for a little lessthan the T8 for a firm order cash sale!
    PS if you're who I think you are give my regards to Charles!! Eddy McC

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    What kind of price for a T8? I've got the slot on my ticket and am hoping to aquire a mod this year.

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    300WSM, I thought I read somewhere you helped Charles with some pictures for his book so you must know him fairly well, so do I, so we are almost sure to know of each other at least.
    I took Charles out when he came to 'The Camp North of the Plain' back in the early nineties.
    The 'Wildcat' moderator is the Mk1 made of stainless steel and out of enough metal to make a Morris Minor!
    The new Predator 8 is made by Wildcat Rifles, the same company, and made of alloy/stainless steel and is a lot lighter.
    The rrp for the Predator is 215 but can normally be got discounted for cash. The Reflex T8 rrp is 199 and is not normally discounted so the Predator is a much better option.

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    Interesting to see the reviews posted, is the CBQ Jet Z the same as Ase jet Z series.
    The same manufacturer makes an Ase Utra S series and as anybody tested or used the S series and how did they find them ?.



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