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Thread: Night vision to suit 308 & 222

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    Night vision to suit 308 & 222

    Hi Guys

    looking to get a new NV for .222, 6.5. And .308

    Anyone using one for these calibres and how do you rate it
    i have contacted some NV supplier,s they're fine for the first two calibres but not over eager about the 308 as to being reliable and hold zero. ?????

    it will be going on a multi barrel cal Blaser and I would like to get one that will lay close to the barrel and not a tv screen size

    any ideas,

    idealy buy once cry once and good for all calibres, I have a thermal spotter but prefer digital for clarity on a decent NV for foxing and Boar


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    Hi Phil,

    I have dabbled a bit with NV of the years, a lot depends on dedicated or add-on, what you want to use it for and what range you want to be able to shoot at? I also use Blasers (243 7-08), for NV I have one of the new 10x Drone pros. which is superb, the daylight capabilities of this unit are exceptional too.

    You will find most dedicated NV scopes will not sit snugly to the barrel, they also tend to be shorter than day scopes which will present problems finding a suitable / comfortable shooting position, especially so with the Blasers. I have overcome this problem using a Contessa rail from Alan Rhone which gives the option of an extended rear rail which does get your eye against the scope.

    I have not tried the tv screen NV, just looks a bit awkward to me not looking through a scope in the traditional way. The Starlight Archer is good but shooting position is very compromised, Starlight Longbow also good but fairly old technology, Pulsar N550 and N750 also good but will present eye relief problems with the Blaser, the Photon is exceptionally good for the money. I have used all of these on 243 and 7-08 without issue so doubt here would be a problem on 308. I have also tried the ATN thermal and digital scopes, to me they did not compare well to Drone or the Pulsars.

    My night time exploits are usually boar related so distances are not an issue, never much past 70yds so I could quite happily use a 400.00 Photon but shot placement and clarity are everything at night and the Drone is top notch.


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    Longbow may be old technology but it's still one of the best around. I've had mine for ten years or so and had it on everything from 17HMR up to 308. Excellent piece of equipment.

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    Longbow all the way will take the recoil. Speak to anyone who uses them. In fact, I was so impressed with mine on my Blaser that I have got another dayscope for my hmr so I can switch between rifles. And it is not fixed mag. I wouldn't change mine for anything.
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    archer used on solwaystalkers Thompson centre 308 scope was a big Zeiss sure Colin will be along to elaborate

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    drone pro x10.

    will,take just about anything you want to throw at it,

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    Thanks for all the replies
    I've got s&b zeniths on my barrels, they aren't the best with a archer or psv14 I tried them and are not good due apparently to not having a parralax adjustment or the lens cating 😞

    I have just installed a camera lens with a zoom and shutter ( borrowed of a mate) on the front of a XT photon and greatly improved the clarity 100% I took 3 foxes out last night out at 60, 90 and 187 yds with this on the 222 and the clear view is brilliant, I was amazed at the clear view using a pulsar 850 IR with the focus flood half way to narrow, I could see in front and the back stop clear as a bell, don't believe that will take a battering from a 6.5/308
    lovely piece of kit for the 222 though that will be the weihrauch 222 permanently

    looks like a call to Carl for the drone pro, really want to get a good all round NV
    cheers guys appreciated



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    Drone x10 on my blasers as Thomas says I don't think it gets much better than this. Regards Steve

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    I shoot a starlight long bow on my blaser in 270 and have never had a problem with it I really don't think u can go by them and generally you can get it to sit closer to the barrel been a tube and not a rail mount
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