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Thread: Reloading press setup inspiration re'qd

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    Reloading press setup inspiration re'qd

    Hi folks

    Looking for inspiration from handy clever headed individuals on here for setting up a reloading press quickly , temporarily but steady n secure

    My area I used wasn't perfect but change of use of that area and I'm thinking more comfort in the dining room .... Big solid oak ding table for 8 folks but obviously if I bore holes in that wife will have my testicles for ear rings soooo
    I remember vaguely pics someone posted of a press set up on a wooden box of some kind that then sets on the table damage etc


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    What make of press?

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    Here you go Google "bench stand for reloading press"

    Portable Reloading Press Plans -

    There are a few similar designs around some with square top plates to keep the press vertical.
    For "loose" table top use, be sure to make the base long enough at the front - this stops it tipping forward when the lever is pulled.

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    Off the shelf

    I was working from a portable workbench, but found it a little flimsy when making cases for my 17FB from 223, more pressure needed than just a normal FL resize.

    I looked at the DIY option, but am no handyman so purchased a Lee reloading stand and think it is great. Now I can reload wherever I need to. It takes up a little more room than the workbench as it doesn't fold down, but in operation it has a smaller footprint and is much sturdier.

    It also lets me store 2 presses attached to the stand and can be adapted to take any make of press.



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    My press is a
    Lyman T mag ll turret press

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    Another type is a strong plank with the press bolted onto one end. Length of plank equal to the width of the table. Then fit a hook to the end that slots over the back edge of the table. Felt pads can be used to avoid marking the table.


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    another quick way I do it is two small 12" square bits of wood one on top of table one underneath then just two f clamps on the press secured to the underside wood, no scratches or marks and nice and secure!!

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    I have my press bolted to an offcut of kitchen worktop. Then g clamp this to the kitchen table.

    Hand presses also work- albeit slower. - Breech Lock Hand Press - Lee Precision

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    Get a piece of kitchen work top and mount the press to that. You can then clamp the worktop bit to the dining table using suitable protection for the table or clamp the work top bit to a work mate. When I lived in a bed-sit this is how I reloaded. When in a proper flat I set up a work bench so press was mounted to that.

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    There is an off the shelf product, the Sinclair wooden stand available through Brownells UK ........

    ............ but price !!

    Depending on exactly what you're loading and whether it involves any heavy duty full length resizing of larger cases, the Lee Hand Press often suffices and you do most of your handloading sitting comfortably in an armchair. Pack all the gear away into a box after a session. I did this for many years before getting a proper bench.

    Then there is the Black & Decker Workmate as a bench kept folded up in the garage or wherever when not in use.

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