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Thread: Ltl Acorn trail camera any thoughts

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    Ltl Acorn trail camera any thoughts

    I've been using a Ltl Acorn 5210 for the last 18 months & although compact & easy to use I'm not too impressed with the night time performance. Although it detects the heat source easily enough, the resulting video images are much too dark. I might be doing something completely stupid, but do any of you have the same problem & if so how did you remedy it? The previous Bushnell worked a treat but was battery hungry & needed a bloody thick tree trunk to support the weight!!

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    Ltl Acorn trail camera any thoughts

    Use mine as a security camera. Can't say I've had night issues with it. Cracking bit of kit, excellent battery life and with a decent SD card runs for months.

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    I bought a Ltl acorn last year . Like the OP not at all impressed. It takes good day time photo's but the night time photo,s are rubbish. Not the most water tight camera. Battery life is good, but it should be as it takes twice as many batteries as the Spypoint. There were boar up at the feeding place on Tuesday night and not a thing on the camera.
    I'm replacing the Ltl acorn with a Spypoint Force-12 today .

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    I had two of these, they both failed at the 15 months period. three months after the warranty ended.
    The screen would not work and it was scrambled.

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    Many thanks for that guys, I'm happy it's not just me. Hi Jagare, let me know how you get on with the Spypoint if you can, I'm going to have to change my Acorn 5210

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    I have two Ltl acorns and find the pictures clear and quite good but the video a bit poor. Range at night with the no glow IR source is adequate but not inspiring. Trigger time for photos seems OK. I don't think I will replace these with Ltl Acorn when they die if I'm honest

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    ^ As above, I have 2. Daytime they are good, at night time I have had bait taken with no photos and it isn't a distance thing.

    For the price, they are not bad - 5210s are on Amazon for 88.

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    Many thanks, I think I'll be changing mine soon

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