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Thread: Hi there

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    Hi there

    Hi, I am new on here so I thought a quick intro would be appropriate.

    I am a keen deer stalker of predominately Roe and reside in the South Scotland, my primary interest however is dogs, for both tracking and rough shooting/field trialling and I keep/breed GWPs and Teckels both from predominately Danish Bloodlines.

    I am looking forward to reading your discussions/debates and participating if I think I can add anything usefull.

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    Hi wildman, welcome to the forum!


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    welcome in mate,

    good to see someone new from scotland in, some nice threads on here for the dogs so you will be like a pig in muck


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    Welcome Chris,
    I was always going to mention this forum to you at the trials, but on teh days there is always plenty other things to think about!!
    I don't doubt for one minute that there will be a few comments you'll be making, i'll be looking forward to reading them.


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    Hi Wildman

    And welcome to the site. PM coming your way.



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    Hi Chris how you doing, have you managed to get any weight off Findus yet ?

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