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Thread: Knocking doors does actually work

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    Knocking doors does actually work

    Hi everyone,

    Thought i would share my luck with you.
    I was working on a firms buildings putting in some cameras.
    On commissioning them i was operating them and playing as you do to ensure they where working.
    I spied into the fields behind his yard and zoomed in on a patch of trees.
    They where 200 yards away and in the middle was a doe.
    I showed the client and he was impressed, not that the cameras where for that but the fact there is deer in that field.
    i told him that i am an active stalker and would love to know who owns the land and see about getting on it.
    he told me it was his neighbour and that he used his yard regular to service his farm motors.....
    I asked for an intro and surly enough an hour later i was on the guys doorstep with my customer getting an introduction.
    I explained what i do and what i was after. A little bit of land to shoot crows and pigeons and maybe foxes and deer if any.
    His eyes lit up when i mentioned fox and deer, and i assumed from previous experiences that he would say no.
    He explained he was unable to get anyone to shoot foxes, they all wanted his deer.
    I explained i will shoot his foxes and not shoot deer until he is happy.
    He was delighted with that and i asked to see his borders, he said you cant see them from here.
    I went what, i thought is was just the 50/60 acres in front of us.
    He said see that hill 2 miles away to the left and that hill 1 mile to the right that's my land all 3000 acres.
    Well i nearly fell over ha ha.I Asked what do you want for shooting this ground... he said shoot the foxes and i will be happy with that.

    Cheshire cat comes to mind........

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    CBS -

    Now THAT'S a result. Congrats on your good fortune.
    KevinF -

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    still smiling Kf ha ha thanks,

    look for fox pics lots of em ha ha


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    One very happy man! Good one fella...

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    Thats a result, as I have said before if you keep at you will eventually get a break, make a good job of the fox's for the man
    and who knows where it might lead, the shooting world is a tight community and word soon gets round both good and bad.

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    well done that man!! an excellent result

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    yes indeed conratulations.

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    It is the all important introduction, your man had obviously had folk ask but said no, the majority of shooters would have done the foxes no probs.. but you got the foot through the door and were showing consideration .. well done mate

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    Nice one, well done.



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    Need a hand

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