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    Just watched F1 qualifying for Soche. Taken together with Lewis H's performance this season. I begin to think Mercedes are 'tweaking' his car to ensure the German bloke wins the drivers championship this year. Mystery problems, slow (computer controlled) starts, and other stuff.
    Perhaps I just dont like Rosberg or Vettel (better now he not so arrogant).
    Perhaps I'm partisan?

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    Used to be an avid F1 fan but now only watch motorbikes especially MotoGP. No taking away from drivers skills or technical ability of the engineers but nah. IMHO Aerodynamics and technology in F1 play too great a part and the skills of the driver are hidden. So a slight tweak to car or boost in confidence may make a noticeable difference.
    Would rather watch Binder carve his way through the field or watch in awe at Marquez Lorenzo Rossi etc

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    I can see what you mean two power units in two races, but F1 pushes engineering boundaries and with that you have to expect some failures. We just need Lewis to be up for it tomorrow and for Nico to encounter some of Lewis's bad luck.


    As a bit of a petrol head having previously had fast cars and bikes, I agree currently Moto GP is brilliant to watch and Rossi is proof that your never past it.

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