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Thread: Foxing

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    I was wondering now it's april and with the vixens having their litters whether the fox shooters among us call a halt until the first cubs appear later in the year or carry on regardless.
    I personally finish foxing now and turn my attention to rabbits until the first cubs appear but my keeper mate who I help shows no mercy.
    Also, what calibre do you use for foxy?
    Interested to hear your thoughts

    All the best,

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    hi depends where you are foxing,if like you say your mate the keeper needs to get as many gone as he can so nows the best time to shall we say kill more than 2 birds with 1 stone.but i know plenty who give them a rest mate.i use .223 with 55g federal soft points.

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    Just back in from a session with the .243, saw 3 but all scarpered as soon as the lamp hit them. Trouble is on this farm lambing is a about to start and he wants them gone.

    Also took the HMR along to bowl over a few bunnies..

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    Last nights dog fox, .243 with 100g Federal.
    Shot whilst out for a deer.

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    I have to shoot foxes whenever I see them. If I did not, the farmer would probably decide that I was not doing my vermin control effectively and gve the land to someone else. If he ever sees a fox, or deer for that matter, he is straight on the phone to tell me exactly where and when. He understands that I do not want to eradicate the deer from his land but he definitely wants the foxes gone.

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    As a keeper my view is the less foxes around the shoot the better. When the cubs are being weaned it is easier to locate the earth and deal with the whole lot which solves the problem of the cubs. Where the foxes are causing no trouble I lean towards leaving them at this time of year, however this is only where they are a long way from the shoot. It is rather strange that at this time of year people are concerned about cubs yet think nothing about taking out rabbits and other vermin with little thought for their young.
    As far as suitable rifles go I also use either a 223 with 55 grn Federal soft points or a 243 WSSM with 85 hollow points. then of course for close work there is nothing like a Beretta 391 with 3s or BBs up the spout.

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    .22-250 unless out after deer then its .260/.308 .

    Fox anytime if safe is shot .

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    I hate this time of year the bloody foxes go at my chickens as they have cubs ton feed and it's an easy meal I suppose but if they come near my place they are in for it

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    Been out all day on a fox drive, Shot 4 between us. On my own ground i wait till the cubs are out and about, but on the ground where my mates the keeper, its all out war from now untill the season starts.
    He uses a 17rem, it's very accurate and flat but not my cup of tea at all.
    I use a LH .223 Tikka with a Don Robinson stock, I wouldn't change it for the world. 55gn V Max 26.5 gns Varget. 8x56 Smitt.

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    i tend to shoot dog foxes only at this time of year, if possible locate the vixen and where she has the cubs hold up, as then i can then deal with them as one as, never been to clever with leaving dependant young to fend for themselves
    what i shoot them with is what ever i hav in my hands at the time, aslong as the fox is within my capability with the shotgun/rifle that i am carrying at the time

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