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Thread: 6.5x55 vs 270

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    6.5x55 vs 270

    I have just loaded up with 52.5 gr of N560 some hornaday 130 SST in 6.5. I chronographed them at 3070 fps. This seems to me to be factory 270 territory. Does the 270 fire 160 gr bullets,and get down to 85 grain fox rounds?
    Is its powder efficiency better than the 6.5 ?
    Which will go further and drop less , a 6.5 bullet or a 270 bullet of the same weight going at the same speed?
    With gentler loads which is better for throat erosion?

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    The BC on the 6.5mm 130gr should be slightly better than the 270, damn little in it though.

    I have always believed that the 6.5x55 is a damn good round let down by factory loadings of heavy bullets. Load it with 120-130gr bullets at modern pressures, it's a different animal - of course muzzle blast and recoil will rise to match.

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    My knowledge is limited, but I shall tell you what I know.

    The .270 is a fast, flat and hard hitting round - hence its popularity with Hill men. I belive (but am not sure) thats its 6.8x65mm, based on the .30-03 case (the .30-06's daddy too). I have only ever come across bullets ranging between 90-180grns. I have in my head that my mates rifle pushes 130grn Nosler's (its staple food) at about 3,000 (again could be wrong).

    The 6.5x55 has a slightly more "loopy" trajectory. Bullets range from 80-160grns. To compare to the .270 my Farther's 6.5 puts 129grn Hornaday soft points out at around 2,700. The round is used in Scandi-Wegian land to shoot everthing from Hares to Moose and back again. It gained much popularity as it was issued in their service rifles for a while (The Krag and some other ones too, Brithunter will know more ).

    Both are excellent hunting rounds, and have been used with great succes on pretty much everything (Including a Heffalump, according to a certain Mr Taylor). I personally prefer the 6.5x55 - but then I do not do much Hill work, so there you go.

    Hope this is of some use - I cannot comment on the reloading side, someone does that for me

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    Hi Rod

    If you are using the same bullet weight at the same velocity then the 6.5 will have a slight advantage over the 270 assuming that both bullets are of identical design.

    In reality the 6.5 bullets can’t be pushed to match the 270 velocity because the 270 case is larger, therefore holds more powder. The 6.5 can be made to perform well with lighter bullets but as bullet weight increases the 270 extra case capacity starts to pay dividends.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about throat erosion, it would take thousands of rounds to cause serious erosion with even a 270 stalking rifle. Your 3070fps sounds about right/good for a 22” barreled rifle.



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