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Thread: Dead Roebuck

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    Dead Roebuck

    A friend came to my house last week, to show me a roebuck head, he found dead in a field, not far from Perth.
    It was a monster, and I know my photographs don't do it justice. The whisky bottle, is there as a scale to show you the size of the coronets, which is the same size as the bottle. It has been dead since last year, and well dried, and weighing in now at just over 710grms.
    He would have been an impressive beast when alive, or even in velvet.
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    The volume would be huge. Will he get it measured?

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    Yes he has plans to get it done, if not now, at the Scone Game Fair.

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    Please report back when you know how it did, especially the volume.

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    Great find that's a monster
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    Looks like it was heading towards a perruque effect, very heavy round the coronet area.
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    That is a very heavy looking head. What a shame to find it dead, would have looked stunning alive. Hopefully it will have added to the surrounding population of Roe during the rut.
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    The head was measured at the Scone Game Fair, this weekend, and scored 170 cic points.

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    Stunning get it mounted and put up some more pictures. Lets hope he spread his genes.


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    For interest would it be possible to see the score sheet?

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