We at Drew's Lab are celebrating the bank holiday and our 1st birthday with some cracking deals. Some highlights are below, check out the rest at www.drewslab.co.uk and like us on facebook so you don't miss out on any great deals or competitions.

An amazing 150 saving on the Pulsar Digisight N750A - http://shop.drewslab.co.uk/night-vis...ght-n750a.html

Save 200!!! on the Pulsar Phantom 4x60 MD BW White Phosphor - a great bit of kit at this price http://shop.drewslab.co.uk/night-vis...m-4x60-md.html

10% off selected Nightmaster Kits

An incredible 75 off the Spypoint Force 12 Trail Camera - plus a free SD Card http://shop.drewslab.co.uk/trail-wil...e-12-camo.html

Save 35 on the excellent Yukon LRS 1000 Laser Rangefinder http://shop.drewslab.co.uk/day-optic...lrs-1000-.html

10% off selected MTC Scopes http://shop.drewslab.co.uk/day-optic...12x32-amd.html

Save 70 on the Pulsar Recon 870R - with a free SD Card to record all the action http://shop.drewslab.co.uk/night-vis...con-870r-.html

15 off the ever popular Yukon Photon 6.5x50 http://shop.drewslab.co.uk/night-vis...-digital-.html

If there's something else you have your eye on please get in touch as we're always happy to a deal for Stalking Directory members. Message us on facebook or email sales@drewslab.co.uk