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Thread: Shooting Truck/Multi Car Insurance

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    Shooting Truck/Multi Car Insurance

    Ive bought myself a small runabout so Im not driving on a daily basis in my Disco which is mainly now my shooting truck. I will do circa 10,000 miles in the run around and maybe 3,000 in the shooting truck.

    Can anyone recommend a company that will do a good deal on a two car policy?

    Usually my Disco is around 250 a year and the best quote Ive had was 520 for both from Adrian Flux. Considering both vehicle are worth very little and I can only be driving one at a time I think this is steep, or maybe it isn't?

    Please let me know what your doing?

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    I'm in the same boat - one vehicle for shooting and one for travelling, when we move in a months time. I would be keen to hear any advice you receive.
    I think your quote is stupidly expensive, given, as you say, you can only drive one at a time !

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    Are both vehicles taxed for just domestic use, or is one a commercial?

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    Try auto net mate, my hobby/shooting truck( nivara) is insured for 6000 miles a year fully comp and it costs 30 a month, I also have a works van and a new focus.But alas it still costs me to run the navara !!!



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    Have you removed commuting etc from the insurance policy? I got a Vitara as a shooting bus, took a while to get a half sensible insurance quote. Pleasure use only, 4k miles per annum, bought a Disclok off ebay for twenty odd quid to go on it. Have a good trawl about as a few brokers / insurance companies took into account my 10 years NCB on the car and knocked the quote down a bit. I found multi car an expensive waste of time.

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    Admiral Insurance do a very good multi car insurance.

    There is a previous thread on here somewhere.
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    Admiral wanted double my insurance this year ,7 years no claims from 260 to 495 for no reason whatever .I complained what,s this rubbish about and they waffled ,so go compare did the do.Went with direct choice same cover for 230 lying toads at Admiral tried to talk me into their overpriced quote twice they rang back as if im going to pay them double
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    A Plan insurance.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Id be interested to see where i might be able to save in the future.

    Use NFU at the moment because they are easy to deal with and they also cover the car off road (a lot of companies don't) which is good for us as that is a quite likely place to get a ding.

    However every year the price goes up despite the no claims mounting so next year unless they sharpen their pencil it will be TTFN from us, shame because like i say they are good to deal with but the increases are just ridiculous.

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    You get what you pay for - the NFU are expensive on motor but offer a very good service with no irritating menus when you call. I am with NFU Mutual (rights signed away! ) for business and private but Gladiator for my Hilux, which is part of Admiral. Just move around every year to get the first premium discount. I was with Highway, part of Liverpool Victoria last year. Don't forget Osborne put up Premium Tax from 6% to 9% this year.

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