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Thread: Magnum moderators

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    Magnum moderators

    What moderators are you guys using on 7mm rem and above that's worth having and which you would recommend? Cheers

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    I have a MAE/PES T12 on my 300wm

    Works very well, had a minor issue with one that was replaced next day under warranty

    not light, but stainless, won't flame erode, and mine is rated to a 300 Weatherby

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    I used a Third Eye Spartan on my 338LM to good effect.

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    SL7 on my .300WM...excellent!

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    How odd I too am looking for a mod for a 7mm RM. To piggyback on the OP, is there a real necessity for a magnum mod? Or will a standard mod, eg Northstar-that isn't specified for a mag-suffice? I currently have a hardy but it's only 6.5mm.

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    I already have a spartan on other rifles and has been really good but I'm wanting something a bit more solid think the t12 maybe the answer also have the ase utra but not a fan

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    I use a North Star on my 7mm RM. Works well enough for culling on a golf course, where discretion is neede. Only downside is it's a heavy weight on the end of a 26" barrel, which makes it a bit unbalanced.

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    Having breached one with a design fault I can honestly say....don't test one not rated for a larger case!
    mine was launched 70 ft and I was hit with a blast of air so hard that I was checking for blood!

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