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Thread: Sickening accident.

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    Sickening accident.

    Just found out that a friend of my daughter
    has been killed today with an air rifle in what sounds like a freak accident. All involved are in her year at school. So very sad and a stark reminder of the danger of all guns.
    We are understandably rather shocked by this.

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    I saw this on the news today, It sounds like a terrible accident, so very sad! Regards SBM

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    A little too excited? a little too careless? a little too confident? and everything coming together at the worst possible moment.

    It's easier to blame the gun. Faced with a nightmare like this, who wouldn't?

    Deepest sympathies to all involved.
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    Heart goes out to the families of all those affected.
    It sounds like kids mucking about with no knowledge of what the consequences would be.

    RIP wee fella


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    Makes you think of all the thousands of pellets I fired at the same age and that it only takes one and a micro second to go so terribly wrong. my thoughts also go to out to all concerned at this most terrible of times. Tom

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    I'm sure this must be devastating for all those involved. My sympathies go especially out to the family of the boy involved and, assuming it was accidental as it appears to have been, to the other kids involved and their families.

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    My thoughts are with all involved.
    Such a sad thing to happen.
    I think lots of shooters started with air rifles in their back garden.
    I was never allowed an air rifle until I was 15.
    At the time I thought my parents were being strict but they done it for my own good.

    I believe every gun needs to be kept in a safe to try and prevent accidents such as this.

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    many of us messed about with air rifles and many can recall small accidents sadly this is a step far above anything I can remember .
    condolences to all involved ms
    k regards

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    Very Sad news

    Candle lit

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    Very sad for all involved. RIP young man. Condolences to all affected.

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