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Thread: Beceite Ibex trophy measuring

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    Beceite Ibex trophy measuring

    After a successful trip to Spain for the above and the mount being arranged over there, I'm keen to get the beast measured. Is it best to get it done by someone over there or import it and get someone in the UK to do it?
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    Which ever you prefer, not sure it makes a difference but I could be wrong.

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    Normally when you shoot them the guides measure straight away for paperwork and tag purposes, but your taxidermist will be able to arrange sci or CIC measuring.

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    Hi Gibby88,
    First of all congratulations for a beautiful ibex.
    Always better to measure trophies in country where it was hunted. As scoring comitee members will be more used to the species.
    Probably guide measured it, I would contact him/her first.


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    Thanks for the replies.

    Will PM you some measurements Fran when I get hold of the outfitter, much appreciated.


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    Congratulations on a beautiful trophy, well done.


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    Look at the size of that thing, that's a cracker well done.

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